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Countertops serve as the backbone of any kitchen, and they bear the responsibility of not only providing essential workspace but also making a significant design statement. A person may consider various factors before choosing a material and design for the countertops. These factors may include durability, maintenance, and, most importantly, costs.

Today, there are numerous options for countertops available for people to choose from. However, most people want the best countertops for their kitchen but still can’t choose one due to insufficient knowledge. To them, we are here with an overview of the most famous and used material for countertops, i.e., soapstone.

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What is Soapstone?

Before we move further with the detailed overview of the soapstone countertops, we should first know what soapstone is. All of us have seen soapstone, and that too very often. You might not know, but most of the countertops, such as one we have seen in chemistry labs, are made of soapstone. Also, the countertops in the kitchens of restaurants are made of soapstone.

The reason behind this wide usage of soapstone is its durability and heat resistance. Soapstone is built with a composition of talc and steatite. Soapstone feels like soap because it has at least 50% talc.

Cost of Soapstone

People who see things entirely from the perspective of price may refer to soapstone as expensive. Price perspective is essential, but in the case of countertops, other factors are even more critical. Soapstone does not cost much; it is more expensive than marble. This is obvious because soapstone is stronger and more heat-resistant than marble.

Nonetheless, the cost of soapstone can be comparable to, and sometimes even surpass, that of granite and quartz. The pricing of soapstone is contingent on the geographic location in which you live. If there is high production in your domestic area, then it might be cheaper than granite or quartz. Similarly, the price will increase in low-production areas.

Maintenance of Soapstone countertops

One of the most significant factors that people prefer granite over soapstone is that soapstone requires regular maintenance. However, the care of Soapstone is not generally expensive. The fact that soapstone has high durability and heat resistance makes its maintenance budget-friendly. People observe that the color of soapstone may become dull and dark with time. This might result in soapstone losing its shine and glow.

However, this can be avoided with some simple efforts. You have to do the oiling of the soapstone regularly. You can also fix the scratches just by using sandpaper. You also do not require any expert carpenters for the maintenance of Soapstone. The maintenance required might be regular, but it’s not expensive.

Installation of soapstone countertops

Installation of soapstone countertops is relatively easy and inexpensive at the same time. This is because installing soapstone countertops can be done without an expert carpenter. Anyone with a slight knowledge of carpentry skills can install a soapstone countertop. The soapstone countertops near Randolph, NJ may be available in a different size than your requirements. That means it might need some cutting and attachments to fit perfectly in your kitchen. So it’s always advised to seek the services of a carpenter.

Lifespan of Soapstone Countertops

This might be one of the most important aspects for many to consider when deciding whether to choose soapstone countertops or not. People prefer to keep their kitchen countertops the same every year. These countertops are like one-time investments in your house. In general, soapstone countertops may last for decades.

If you provide soapstone countertops near Randolph, NJ, with excellent and regular maintenance, then it can last for more than 20 years. However, if you do not treat it correctly and ignore all the maintenance, then the lifespan of soapstone countertops may decrease significantly.

Designs and Colors

Designs and colors are also important for deciding the material of your kitchen countertops. Countertops are not something that can be changed with changing fashion, as they are one-time investments. So, it is essential to choose the design or color that seems most attractive to you. Sadly, soapstone is not available in many different colors; you can only find it in various shades of gray. Still, you might get different veining designs in a soapstone similar to marble.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Soapstone Countertops

After knowing all the crucial factors about soapstone countertops, it is time to discuss their pros and cons. This is to give you enough knowledge so you can decide whether to choose soapstone countertops or not.


  1. No staining issues – One of the most common problems with many countertop materials is staining. Most countertop materials generally get stained and may cause the growth of harmful bacteria. If you choose soapstone countertops, then you won’t have to worry about any stains or bacterial growth. This is because they are non-porous and do not react to acids.
  2. Durability – As discussed above, soapstone is highly durable, more so than other countertop materials. They last more than 20 years with general usage and can last much longer with care. The best fact is that soapstones are still soft despite being so durable.
  3. Eco-friendly- Soapstone Countertops are being used in almost every part of the world. People are also replacing their old countertops with soapstone. This is because soapstone are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals. This would benefit not just the environment but also people who use Soapstone countertops in their kitchens.
  4. Low-Maintenance- Soapstone Countertops might need regular maintenance. However, the maintenance isn’t expensive at all. You need to do some regular oiling and sandpaper scratching. You can also do this without anyone’s help or assistance.


  1. Easy Scratches – It’s quite evident that soapstone countertops are smooth and soft; that is the reason why they are called soapstone. Soapstone countertops may get scratched very easily, even with slight force.
  2. Limited Color – As we have already discussed, soapstone is only available in a few color options. They can generally be found in different shades of gray. That’s a widespread reason why many people still prefer granite countertops over sandstone.
  3. Uneven wearing – Due to being as soft as soap, soapstone might get worn down on areas that you often use. Primarily, if you use it for the kitchen, then it might get dull and rough in places where you do most of your work.
  4. Expensive installation – Soapstone can be installed with the help of those who have good carpentry knowledge. Still, if you opt to hire a professional for the purpose, then it might cost you much more. It can even be as expensive as the countertop itself.

Soapstone countertops Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Here are some questions you might want to know the answer to before you opt for it

Is soapstone more expensive than granite?

Soapstone may cost differently in different regions depending on its production in that area. However, in general, soapstone costs less than granite and is sometimes on par with granite. It’s sporadic to cost soapstone more than granite. Still, some veining designs may increase the cost of some soapstone.

What is the downside of soapstone?

Soapstone has a different downside, just like any other countertop material. Some of the most observed and significant downsides are uneven wearing, limited colors, easy scratches, and expensive installation. These downsides are discussed in detail in the above article.

Is soapstone expensive for countertops?

Soapstone is generally more expensive than marble and less expensive than granite. This has been discussed above in detail. For countertops, you might have to spend more than the normal cost of soapstone. This soapstone might only sometimes be available in the exact size of your kitchen. It might need some extra attachment or cutting to be fit for a countertop.

Do soapstone countertops scratch?

Soapstone countertops are smooth and soft, which might get scratched without any effort. The soapstone can get scratched even with slight force and less sharp objects. This might not be good, but it also makes soapstone scratches easy to fix.

Is soapstone high maintenance?

Soapstone is not high-maintenance. They might require frequent maintenance, but we can’t call it “high” because the regular maintenance of soapstone countertops is inexpensive. You need some oil and sandpaper to do the regular maintenance on soapstone. Also, you will not require anyone’s assistance or help. A detailed discussion on soapstone’s maintenance is mentioned above.

Can you put hot pans on soapstone?

Soapstone’s heat resistance and non-porous properties are the most significant reasons behind its popularity. Soapstone won’t react to high heat or chemicals and won’t get harmed by them. So, you can easily put your hot pans and other utensils on soapstone without any worries.

Soapstone Countertops sales near Randolph, NJ
Soapstone Countertops Installation

Soapstone countertops are quite popular and are getting more famous due to their pros. If you want a countertop for your kitchen, then you can choose soapstone countertops. If you’re going to install Soapstone countertops for your kitchen or any professional purposes, then don’t do it yourself. It’s always advised to let a professional do the countertop installation for you. For those in the market for the finest selection of soapstone countertops and top-notch installation services, look no further than Randolph Marble & Granite.

We are known for soapstone countertops near Randolph, NJ, your trusted partner for all your stone surface needs. With years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a wide range of exquisite natural stones, including soapstone. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how soapstone countertops can redefine your kitchen’s elegance and durability.

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